Middle-grade fantasy:

Uncertain Magic is in the tradition of fantasy classics like The Narnia Chronicles, and the books of Edward Eager and Lloyd Alexander. In it, two ordinary children get to have an extraordinary experience as they are swept from the boring world as they know it to a fantastical land where magic and wizards are real. Once there, they find they have to adapt quickly to their new situation, and work together to find a way back home.

The setting is the Kingdom of Pandium, which is on a tree-covered island in the midst of a vast ocean. In Pandium magical ability is almost like artistic or musical ability is to us: it is an art that can be mastered by those who are gifted and properly trained.

The story involves four children. Nat and Katie are siblings living in the Florida Keys. They are ten and twelve years old, and like many brothers and sisters close in age, don’t always see eye-to-eye. Kyp and Edwin live in Pandium. Edwin is the Crown Prince and will become King on his upcoming birthday. Kyp is the apprentice to the Royal Magician, Krisgen, but he is really more like a slave than an apprentice. Despite their vastly different circumstances, they are best friends.

Kyp overhears Krisgen plotting to kill Edwin and he warns the prince. Together they hatch a desperate plan to use one of Krisgen’s spell books, and Kyp’s uncertain knowledge of magic, to summon a hero who can defeat the conspirators. The spell doesn’t go quite as planned, and instead of a fierce, enchanted warrior, they instead conjure Nat and Katie, two very surprised and unwarrior-like children.

Now stuck in Pandium, Nat and Katie have to work with Kyp and Edwin to defeat the wizard. Only when Edwin is safe can they hope to return home.

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