What do you get when you mix two dead bodies, millions in missing money, and a dangerous idiot wearing a hammer he’s named Thor?

The answer: murder, malfeasance, and mayhem.

Two dead bodies, a crazed man with a hammer where his hand should be, a reluctant accountant, and $37 million dollars in missing cash: these are some of the ingredients in this mystery and suspense thriller set on the shores of Biscayne Bay.

When the head of Nick Rohmer’s Miami accounting firm is found dead after a suspicious accident, Nick finds his quiet, comfortable, boring life slipping out of his control. With most of the firm’s management either on vacation, sick, or dead, Nick is thrust into the unfamiliar position of actually having some responsibility. The weight does not sit easily on his shoulders.

He’s relieved when the instructions from the Chicago head office are – don’t do anything until we get there. This he can do. He tries to stick to his ‘do nothing’ instructions even as the firm’s largest client threatens to jump ship.

But Nick’s plan of inaction is short-lived when he is convinced to try to save the business. He secures an invitation to dinner on the private island of the mega-wealthy, and highly dysfunctional, Keene family. Things quickly go from bad to disastrous when another dead body shows up, and Nick finds he’s the prime suspect.

As he gets sucked into the mystery, Nick’s focus quickly changes from trying to save the business to trying to save his skin.

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