Finesse is delicacy, skill, and tact.

Magna finesse is all that, but applied like a fist to the stomach.


Down-on-his luck accountant Nick Rohmer finds out about magna finesse firsthand when he’s hired to locate Isabel Taylor, a missing heiress who may not even be missing.

When he’s first approached to find her, Nick turns the job down. He’s a money guy, not a PI, and the police say she isn’t even missing.

But if she’s not missing, where is she?

Swayed by a persuasive use of cash, he decides to take the job. His inept investigation soon leads him into the strange and dangerous world of Isabel’s husband, Rennie—ex-marine, sculptor, presumed gold digger, and possible wife-killer.

By the time Nick realizes he’s in over his head, there’s nowhere for him to go but forward, and no one to blame but himself.

Magna Finesse is available as either an eBook or paperback on  Click the image above for a preview or to be taken to the website where you can use the “Look inside” feature to preview the first ten percent of the book or to download a sample to your Kindle device.