As of yesterday, Bean Counter is no longer exclusive to  It is now available through a multitude of ebook vendors, most notably, Barnes & Noble (Nook), iTunes, Google Play, and Kobo.  So, if you’ve been holding off on reading it because it wasn’t available in your favorite format, wait no longer. Also, if you… Read More

Bean Counter came off of its free promotion last night.  The free period was originally scheduled to end on Monday, but the numbers were still good, so I let it run until I was out of days.  Altogether, I gave away a total of 6,515 copies of the book, which is better than I had… Read More

For this weekend only, the ebook version of  Bean Counter is once again going to be available for free on  “What?!” you say.  “Is this some sort of modern Christmas Miracle?”  Perhaps.  But what it is intended to be is a marketing strategy. I can hear you asking, “But how does that make sense? … Read More