My new book, Magna Finesse, is available for preview and/or nominations on the Kindle Scout website from November 15, through December 14.


What is Kindle Scout?

It’s Amazon’s reader-powered publishing program where new, never-before-published books can be seen and previewed by prospective readers who then vote on which ones they would like to see published. It’s like a talent show for book manuscripts, where you, the reader, get to vote for who wins.

Books that get selected are published by Kindle Press, a division of, which can be a big boost for an indie author. Books that aren’t selected (and that’s about 98% of all entries) will still probably be independently published by their authors, and in the meantime will have gotten some valuable exposure on the Amazon website.

If you’re interested, please head over to my Scout page where you can see the blurb and an excerpt of about five thousand words. If you like what you see, please nominate me.

Here is the link to Magna Finesse on Kindle Scout:

What’s in it for you?

I had no idea that you were that selfish, but since you’ve asked, I’ll tell you. If you nominate my book (or any other book on the site, for the matter – you get three nominations at a time), and if it is selected by Kindle Press, you will receive a copy of the eBook for free about one week prior to publication. So even if you hate my book, take a look around the site. If you see something you like, give it a nomination and you could end up with a free book. That’s it. Nothing to buy, no new email list to sign up for. It’s a pretty sweet deal, actually.

For a complete (and official) explanation of how Kindle Scout works, go here:

Thanks for your support, and if you think about it, please tell your book-loving friends about Kindle Scout. They could end up with some free books.

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